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Vista ShutdoVista Shutdown Timerwn Timer

While this application does the job of scheduling shut-down functions, a Help file would have been nice. Vista Shutdown Timer requires no installation and has an easy-to-use, self-explanatory interface with options to perform shut-down actions at a user-specified time or after the input timer has expired. You can choose to log off, restart, shut down, or simply put your computer in hibernate or standby mode. Aside from scheduling the aforementioned tasks, Vista Shutdown Timer also can execute each function instantly or use the predefined timers in minutes. Both the timer and scheduling features worked well in our tests. One drawback is that the program stays on top of everything on your desktop. Minimizing it to the system tray is possible by right-clicking, but without a Help file, some users may have difficulty figuring that out. Though this program may not offer a lot of bells and whistles, it works fine and its free, making it attractive for many users.
Full Specifications


Version 1.6.5 includes unspecified updates.
Vista Shutdown Timer is an easy to use sleep-timer for windows. You can use this timer with a PC-IR Remote control. It has an OSD (On Scree Display), supports command line parameters, supports manual killing of hanging programs, classic modus, tray-menu, shortcut wizard. All in a single EXE file, no registry and no INI files needed. The program can be configured using command line parameters only. Version 1.6.5 includes unspecified updates.

How To Install?

Run the system and open PC properties.
Get the latest Software.
Go to the activation menu too.
After that, download the code and the crack from the link below.
Enter this key to activate.

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