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Snipping Tool++

Snipping Tool++

Snipping Tool++ is a dedicated imgur snippet/screenshot uploading tool with hotkey support, local image saving, and deletion link history! With Snipping Tool++ you can quickly upload a screenshot to and get a link back that you can paste to your friends or to any social media site. Snipping Tool++ also allows you to upload multiple images at once. Your upload links are saved in a history in case you need the link in the future. Snipping Tool++ also gives you the capability to delete any of your uploaded images from Imgur with a simple button click. +Customize-able Hotkeys – With the quick press of a key have the Snipping Tool++ snippet capture overlay up and ready! +Multi-Image uploader – Upload groups of images from your computer and get links back for all of them in a single drag and drop. +Basic Image Editor – Blur or block out information before uploading. +Upload Quality Control – Decrease the quality of your uploads to increase the upload time. Great for people with slow upload speeds! The benefit of using Snipping Tool++ over our competitors is that it is completely free. It’s open source. And it is continually updated. Our motto is to keep Snipping Tool++ simple yet powerful, when you use Snipping Tool++ everything is very intuitive. The program is not bloated with a million settings.
Full Specifications


    • New Features!

    • Active Window Screenshot – You can now take direct screenshots of your currently active window. Check the preferences for the hotkey to activate this feature.
    • General Improvements

    • Removed uneccesary garbage collection calls, may reduce memory useage.
    • Changed multi-snipped shadow color to white.
    Bug Fixes

  • When in the overlay, pressing the spacebar without anything selected will no longer attempt to take a multi-snippet. A selection must be present before adding it to the multi-snippet stack.

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