Notebak Alarm

Notebak Alarm

Notebak Alarm

One of the most popular easy to use anti-theft and Identity Theft Protection applications with free options. Notebak Alarm is used for safeguarding of confidential data and preventing actual theft of the computer itself. This application collects and stores evidence about who was trying to break into your personal account; you can choose to immediately receive alerts with sound if your computer is under attack or store evidence on a hard drive and review it later. If your laptop is left unattended for a mere second, it can be taken – hours of valuable work is being stolen from people on a daily basis – don’t let it happen to you! Notebak will sound an alarm when the power cord is unplugged or when the laptop lid is closing, similar to the anti-theft protection on your car. You will get a webcam image of the person who had tried to break into your computer while you were away! Notebak Alarm comes with GEO Locator that uses precise Wi-Fi GEO locations technology. You may also enable USB ports access alarms to protect your cell phone, external hard drive or any other valuable device that was connected to your unattended computer.

Full Specifications
Improved interface and setup process
Date Added
February 2, 2012
Additional Requirements
.NET Framework 3.0 or higherPowerful yet easy-to-use, Notebak Alarm is the most reliable security software that protects against unauthorized access to private files and prevents identity theft – which is the largest growing type of crime involving theft of personal information! Notebak Alarm was developed by a team of highly experienced computer security software professionals.

Corporates and vendors have been faced with the challenge of ensuring that the data stored on their mobile computers is kept safe from the hands of industry spies and competitors for some time now.

While innovations such as hard disk encryption, strong password mechanisms and biometric technology have done a great deal to guarantee that if a notebook is stolen the data on it will be useless, some vendors are pushing the envelope even further.

One such vendor is Acer, which has gone as far as building functionality into its mobile platforms to keep the notebooks safe from theft.

“Under the banner of Anti-Theft technology, Acer has utilised the functionality available in its GraviSense technology (which detects a bump to the hard disk and automatically parks the hard drive head, thus keeping the drive safe from harm) to detect any kind of motion denoting notebook theft, reacting with a loud, ear-piercing sonic alarm,” says Traci Maynard, business unit manager at Tarsus Technologies.

“This alarm is so loud, in fact, that most thieves will automatically drop the notebook and cover their ears,” Maynard chuckles.

Although this Anti-Theft feature is extremely effective against theft, Maynard says it does, however, require some form of user intervention. “Through the easy to use interface utilised by all of Acer`s Empowering Technologies, users have the ability to enable and disable the protection feature. Once set up, it can be easily activated with a keystroke or mouse click when the user walks away from their notebook or set to be automatically triggered after a certain length of inactivity.

“This feature can be disabled by merely entering a user-defined password. Nothing could be simpler,” she says.

What sets this solution apart from the numerous other third-party options available on the market is the fact that it relies on hardware already built into the Acer mobile platforms and works together with the operating system to deny access to notebook data when the alarm is sounding.

“While the protection feature is active, users are prevented from accessing the `alt-tab` keystroke or using similar commands such as `ctrl-shift-esc`, `ctrl-alt-del` or any of the windows keys or the system task bar. It`s a fully-locked down solution,” she opines.

“We`re really excited to see what the response to this new feature will be,” Maynard continues, “since it has the ability to curb the growing issue of notebook theft in the country.

“We feel it`s an innovative and effective measure to protect users from notebook theft and we look forward to the competitive advantage it affords companies standardising on the Acer brand,” she concludes.

How To Install?

Run the system and open PC properties.
Get the latest Software.
Go to the activation menu too.
After that, download the code and the crack from the link below.
Enter this key to activate.

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