Network Probe

Network Probe

Network Probe

Do you know what’s really traveling through your network? Are you having problems finding the sources of network slowdowns? Network Probe is the ultimate free network monitor and protocol analyzer for traffic-level network monitoring, and will help you find the sources of any network slow-downs in a matter of seconds. Collect and analyze data from multiple probes using the Network Probe Enterprise version for a total traffic overview of all your networks. Instantly get an overview of the throughput of the network being monitored and the number of hosts, conversations, and protocols seen on the network. Network Probe will instantly show you which protocols are being used on your network, which hosts are sending and receiving data, where the traffic is coming from, and when all this happens. All data is shown in real-time and you can easily cross-reference protocols, hosts, and conversations by a simple click of the mouse. Network Probe will quickly give you an overview of the most active protocols, talkers, listeners, hosts, and conversations on you network. You can configure Network Probe to let you know if anything out of the ordinary happens and proactively fix the problem before it grows into a serious one. Add alarm monitors to any traffic entry on your network and configure the application to automatically send you emails or call scripts when alarms are triggered. If you are looking for something specific, you can quickly search for any host or protocol. Just start typing in the search field and Network Probe will suggest entries found on your network. You can configure Network Probe to monitor your own selection of protocols, hosts, and conversations so you can keep an eye on the activity you feel is most important on your network.

Version 3.0 features new user interface, adds alarms and alarm actions, supports connection of multiple probes.

Full Specifications


New user interface Possibility to connect multiple probes Added alarms and alarm actions Added search fields Increased performance

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