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MultiScope LiteSoftware Waveform monitor and Vectorscope now available.
A set of video calibration and monitoring equipment like a Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope have long been a necessary equipment standard for television broadcast studios and mobile facilities alike. MultiscopeLite now offers these studio grade scopes plus other ancillary video tools in a software suite that provides a simpler, portable and more compact rack of software based video equipment. A properly configured Windows based laptop or a desktop computer will work.

MultiscopeLite includes a combination YUV-RGB parade scope and a histogram scope as well as the staple Wavefrom Monitor and Vectorscope. A high resolution video monitor that can be set to either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios rounds out the user interface. Setup is easy and alows the user to enable many features if they so choose. All scopes run together in real-time, that is the video stream is deconstructed, processed and displayed as the input video plays.

MultiscopeLite is compatible with many recognized video captures cards, whether they be consumer or industrial grade. Products from BlackMagic Design (Decklink – Shuttle, Intensity), Microsoft, Hauppauge, Avermedia, Logitech, AJA and Grass Valley to name a few. Video sources from PCI based capture cards, ethernet interfaces, USB based cameras and now Thunderbolt based devices will work provided the video drivers are Microsoft compatible.

We have included the feature of allowing two LCD viewing resolutions of 1980×1080 and 1280×720 to be set, taking advantage of the fullest screen areas of most high resolution LCD display monitors.

MultiscopeLite is Windows compatible and will run on 32 bit or 64 bit Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms.

Full Specifications
January 23, 2014
Date Added
January 23, 2014
Operating Systems
Windows, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Additional Requirements
Multicore computer platformsDrastic HDRScope is the world’s most powerful 8K through SD software signal monitoring tool and HDR image analyzer. It includes waveform (luma, YCbCr, RGB), vectorscope, histogram, chromaticity, and data/picture monitor for video. Audio histogram, phase, RMS, peak and loudness monitoring for up to 16 channels. Raw hex views of the video and OP-47/CEA-708/CEA-608 closed caption decoding, with support for CCIR-601, Rec.709 and BT.2020 color spaces and HDR10/ST2084/PQ and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) support. Designed to take advantage of AJA’s 8K/SUHD Quad HD, 2SI, and 4K 60p capture modes in both Rec.709 or BT.2020, HDRScope provides the most cost effective SD/HD/4K/8K signal monitoring solution available.

RHMG introduces a first in our line of real-time software video tools, for measuring, monitoring, calibrating and analyzing video input streams. MultiScopeLite provides a standard set of calibrated video scopes, a high resolution video monitor and a series of easy to use setup screens which have been nicely integrated within a single user interface.
Real-time video input data is processed and displayed on four independent video scopes simultaneously: a waveform monitor, a vectorscope, a dual selectable RGB/YUV parade scope and a four channel luma RGB histogram scope. The integrated video monitor handles both 4:3 and 16:9 size video resolutions.
MultiScopeLite interfaces quite easily with many Windows based consumer and professional video capture devices supporting both SD and HD video resolutions. Capture devices can be PCI, PCIe, Ethernet, USB or Thunderbolt based. Just install the MultiScopeLite software and it will automatically link to the appropriate installed video driver and begin live streaming of your video to the user interface. Each video measuring scope has uniquely calibrated graticules and can present video renderings in a number of standard scaling factors and in industry recognized SMPTE SD and HD color spaces.
The scope displays can be adjusted to show various degrees of data detail depending on the display update speed wanted. Using our PSE engine, the quality of the data rendering will primarily be determined by the computing power of the installed platform. Slower single core PC’s will output a slower or coarser display rendition, in contrast to faster more finer details in the data display on high performance multi-core computers.
MultiScopeLite is a great and simple piece of video test equipment for post production work, small production venues in the field, for professional videographers and for digital video system developers.
Our MultiScopeCompact version now under development will support many more features and have professional functionality added. A more comprehensive tool to aid broadcast and television engineering requirements in the studio and to offer professional analytics capability in assessing image quality factors like signal to noise, dynamic range and contrast ratio among others in lab environments.
Note: MultiScopeLite does not support audio.

Windows computer platform dual core, 2GHz or better
MultiScopeLite supports Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems, specifically Windows XP and Windows 7 with the latest service packs
Download our free MultiScopeLite User Guide. A great read if you want lots of heads up about this software. This document has been updated with new references and information – January 18, 2013.
MultiScopeLite [latest revision v1.0.1.2 – Dec 24, 2013] — Just $89.95
Try our free trial offer for you to discover the many features of MultiScopeLite and see how it fits with your application. Try our 3 day trial to see what I am talking about. Ask about our Compact Pro version now available.
Download your FREE Trial here v1.0.1.2 . Let us know what you think. OR……
…get the full functional unlocked version by downloading the trial first. Then install the software as usual, go to the purchase link, register and request the unlock code. That’s it, and you are up and running with access to all of the features and functions of MultiScopeLite.
If you are having problems getting the software to run, it’s probably because you do not have Microsoft Framework installed on your computer system. Ensure that these Framework elements are loaded before running this software product.
Framework 3.5
Framework 3.5 client
Instructions if you should purchase
…. Purchase Link Here…

To purchase without going through a trial period, download the trial version as before and install it on your operating computer platform. On the installer user interface, see the Registration Number in the lower left hand side of the dialog. It may show up in A14F-C345 alpha-numeric format. This is your Registration Number. It is case sensitive. Click ‘Order’ on the installer user interface. You will be taken to a Registration web page. Enter your particulars along with the Registration Number and a user name. Choose any name you wish, just remember it. Then complete your purchase. Payment is made through Paypal. You will get a receipt through your email once Paypal clears payment.
Payment must be verified and complete before software can be unlocked. You will receive a subsequent email providing an unlock code for the software. Run the trial software again and cut and paste the unlock code into the Unlock space on the Registration tab. That’s it. Enjoy
A great value for a simple to use feature rich video measurement and calibration tool.

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