Now you have no excuse not to get it together. This reliable freeware application acts as an address book, an organizer, and an event reminder. Rather than requiring you to fill out a set form, MT-Organizer arranges address entries as notes. Though this flexible option is ideal, it’s unfortunate that the program doesn’t support photo attachments, too. Calendar functions include adding appointments and notes for specified days, as well as running a month-by-month report for scheduled events. Reminders are reliable, and they pop up as text boxes at specified times. MT-Organizer isn’t a flashy program, but it has most of the basic functions you’d need for a standard organizer. A small file size and easy installation also put this program on our short list of quality freeware downloads.
MT-Organizer was created for organizing information about your friends, family, business assosiates, or customers, and it contains a reminder and a calendar. The reminder is helpful, providing an easy way for you to remember birthdays, appointments, and every other thing you once forgot about. The calendar offers a simple way to store information for every day of the year and an easy way to find that stored information. MT-Organizer is a simple program, and its ambition is to help you organize your life.

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