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Mouse ServerMouse Server

Key Details of Mouse Server

  • Transform your device into a wireless mouse, joystick, keyboard, remote desktop, and trackpad for multimedia PC control
  • Last updated on 08/20/20
  • There has been 1 update within the past 6 months
  • The current version has 2 flags on VirusTotal
  • Also available on Mac

This is Mouse Server for being controlled by Android/ISO WiFi Mouse. WiFi Mouse enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection. Why WiFi Mouse?

– Simulates mouse-click, touchpad gesture control, cursor movement, drag-and-drop, text selection etc.

– Full QWERTY keyboard with key-combination support e.g. ALT+Fn and CTRL+C etc.

– Supports Voice-To-Text conversion and immediate display of transcribed text on your computer as well as multi-finger trackpad gestures.

– Remote desktop logon with full control.

– Quick control for 3rd party applications.

– Game-mode feature with joystick simulation, enables simple control e.g. flying, jumping and shooting action in PC based games.

– Power off your PC from your bedroom.

Features: * Mouse cursor movement * left and right click support * Middle mouse button scroll * Remote keyboard input * PC/Mac hot keys and combination key * Speech-to-text input for all languages * Mouse & keyboard full screen * Auto-connect on application startup * Media controler * Exporer controler * PPT presentation controller.

Gestures: * Tap-to-click * Two finger tap for right click * Two finger scroll * Pinch to zoom * Three finger drag or highlight * Four finger swipe down to show desktop * Four finger swipe up to maximise current window * Four finger swipe sideways to change current window focus * Left handed mouse support (swap left and right mouse click).

Installation steps:
1. Download WiFi Mouse App for Andriod/iPhone/iPad.
2. Install Mouse Server on your computer.
3. Connect to the same network. Make sure your smartphone and computer are connected to the same network, e.g same WiFi AP.

Full Specifications


Bug fixes.

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