Little Genius

Little Genius

Little Genius

This program may look promising due to its colorful graphics, but users will quickly realize there are major design flaws, including the inability to exit the program and no help file. The interface includes static images that resemble flash cards and buttons with no explanation as to what they do. Rows of colored flowers let users change colors, but this feature, along with the instrument selection option, does not improve the learning process. Little Genius does include three skill levels based on age ranges but there is little difference between them. The program uses a dot-to-dot tracing method for letter recognition and writing skills, but this feature is confusing and the computer-generated voice is unrealistic. This program takes over your screen and requires the user to hit CTRL ALT DELETE to exit. Though it’s free, parents will find Little Genius offers little value.
Full Specifications


Little Genius is a talking program that teaches your child reading, writing, and spelling. The program uses music, sound, and eye-catching graphics to grab the attention of kids. Interactive lessons make computer sessions exciting and enjoyable. It s a total learning experience for kids of all ages. Even young toddlers of 18 months can learn to use the computer. The program increases a child s comprehension with true animations-simulations that show the correct steps in drawing an alphabet. Depending on a child s age, there are three levels to pick from. The program not only imparts reading skills, but also teaches a child how to interact with computers–another valuable skill in today’s networked world. The software package is guaranteed to keep kids educated, informed, and entertained for hours. A password feature restricts a child from closing the program or accessing other computer resources. Also included is a new, exciting, animated puzzle game.

How To Install?

Run the system and open PC properties.
Get the latest Software.
Go to the activation menu too.
After that, download the code and the crack from the link below.
Enter this key to activate.

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