Ideal Browser Firefox Edition

Ideal Browser Firefox Edition

Ideal Browser Firefox Edition

Installing this browser reminds us of a game called Find 10 differences. Overtly speaking, Ideal Browser is not only based on Mozilla Firefox, it is its clone, supposedly created for promoting the WebCrawler search engine. As for the features missing in the original Firefox installation package, you can easily get them with Firefox just by installing plug-ins and extensions. However, if you are too lazy for this, Ideal Browser makes your life easier. It bundles media plug-ins and an extension enhancing tabbed browsing. All told, we recommend this totally free browser only if you don t already have Firefox installed.


If you haven’t already switched to Firefox or have given up on IE, try the Ideal Firefox Browser. Introducing for the first time, a powerful metasearch technology that delivers results from all major search engines simultaneously allowing you find a broader range of top-ranked results. In addition, many of the extensions and plug-ins you used to have to hunt for are now included. Includes increased privacy and security to keep you safe, increased speed, which means faster, easier browsing, an advanced RSS reader and sidebar, and an ad-blocker as well as tabbed browsing. If you are updating an older version of Ideal Firefox we recommend you first uninstall your old version for optimal use.

Version 2.4 is an update for Firefox 1.07 compatibility.

How To Install?

Run the system and open PC properties.
Get the latest Software.
Go to the activation menu too.
After that, download the code and the crack from the link below.
Enter this key to activate.

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