Guru’s GRE Wordlist

Guru’s GRE Wordlist

Guru's GRE Wordlist

For many who have been searching endlessly for a software that could assist you in attacking those tough GRE, GMAT tests, here comes Guru’s GRE WordList Memorizer as a final ray of hope. The GRE Word List Reviewer is a smart tool that incorporates Microsoft Corporation’s Speech Synthesizer to deliver a quality audio assisted pronunciation and memorizing mechanism.

The program covers almost all words listed in Princeton Review, Barron’s and Kaplan word lists. There is an integrated WordList Tester. Easy Custom-Timed Navigation of each word, so that you can sit back and study the Wordlist without touching the mouse or keyboard. Option for navigating the words that are incorrectly answered in the test. Custom tips editor for each and every word. Ramdomise wordlist function in the test.

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