Free Instagram Downloader Free download with license key

Free Instagram Downloader Free download with license

Free Instagram Downloader

Editors’ Review

Free Instagram Downloader Free download Instagram Downloader allows you to browse and download all the photos from specific Instagram users’ accounts.


Guided downloads: After you download a photo or album, Free Instagram Downloader always prompts to take you to the download location.

Batch processing: Free Instagram Downloader lets you download entire albums at once from a single user, eliminating the hassle of clicking through individual images and checkboxes. In fact, the app assumes you’re going to do that, as every photo is checked by default when you first open the app. Images are also renamed as numbers, instead of keeping the inexplicable default string for each file name.


Inexplicable design quirks: Why does the File tab mirror the contents of the Help tab? Touch mode seems incomplete, as it only expands the checkboxes but does not scale all menu items accordingly.

Lack of description: It would be nice to see photo descriptions scraped. There is no feature to enlarge thumbnails, so users can’t identify the photo without downloading.

Free Instagram Downloader Free download with license key


Free Instagram Downloader is your average app that gets the job done, as long as you don’t mind putting up with some minor interface quirks. It’s not the prettiest app on the block and doesn’t encourage long-term engagement in its environment. The app’s greatest strength is the batch download feature. Free Instagram Downloader is a perfectly capable Instagram scraper with few disruptions.


Version 2.3.0 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Developer’s Description

Free Instagram Downloader is the world’s easiest tool to help you download images, photos and pictures from Instagram easily and quickly. Just input the user name, and click one button, then all the photos will be downloaded to your computer. Save you a lot of precious time.

I understand you’re hunting for information on Instagram downloaders.

It’s important to note that downloading content without authorization violates Instagram’s terms of service. Content creators frequently rely on Instagram for revenue, and downloading their content may jeopardize their livelihood.

Here are some different ways to appreciate Instagram content:

Like and bookmark posts to save them in the app.
Take screenshots of specific moments.
Follow the creator to view more of their work.

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