Flash OwnerGuard

Flash OwnerGuardArmjisoft’s Flash OwnerGuard is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) utility that’s designed to do one job, collecting and simplifying what would otherwise be a lot of complex steps. It secures and protects video files made with Adobe’s popular Flash animation software. It uses a new DRM technology called Inline DRM to not only lock down your Flash SWF and FLV files but to also allow you to access them within any container, including Web sites, Web browsers, Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF files, and Flash Player programs, and even your own apps. It offers some highly specialized and useful extras, too, such as the ability to set high-security expiration dates or working times for protected files. An included side utility, a small DRM manager known as OwnerGuard License Manager, lets you configure and apply restrictions on your content to protect your rights as owner.

This well-designed piece of software simplifies the complex yet critical DRM process. The main interface is basic, with large, clearly labeled buttons for items like Help, Computer ID, and Generate License. The heavy lifting is done by a series of wizards and dialogs that cover all the bases. You can create new protected files, get licenses from other owners, generate license codes, and manage the lot. The format keeps the wide array of configuration options and settings from overwhelming the user with complexity without sacrificing either functionality or ease of use.

Flash OwnerGuard is freeware. It installs desktop icons without asking, and leaves stuff behind when it’s uninstalled.


Version 12.7.1 added support for mp4, f4v, 3gp, avi, rm, mkv, 3gg, 3g2, mov, m4v, m4a, f4p, f4a, f4b, mp3, mpg, asf, wma, wmv, aac, ogg, aif, flac.

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