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By Ulrich Decker Software

Detect the true quality of your audio files in one batch and reveal the actual bitrate of all common audioformats like mp3, mp4, ogg, flac and many more. Nowadays you can download tunes from anywhere. But what is the real quality of these files? What if you could check those tunes to see if they’re really that good, and not some upscaled 128kbps MP3 to 320kbps? You could batch-process them all without having to manually check them 1-by-1 using a spectrum analyzer? Import your music files. Fakin’ The Funk? will analyze the right bitrate and frequency. If it finds a wrong bitrate or lower frequency-peak, it will show you the actual bitrate. It’s up to you whether you want to rename those files, copy or move. Or just delete them. Fakin’ The Funk? Keep it real! * Automated batch-processing * Easy-to-use interface * Free (for the 1st 100 detected fake files) * Lifetime-updates (when donated to full-version) * Cannot be fooled by audio-optimizers like Platinum Notes * Besides fake files, it detects corrupted and un-readable files aswell * Supports all popular lossy and lossless audio file-formats * Ultra-fast processing using multiple threads to speed up the analysis * Drag-and-drop support e.g. to Mp3Tag or Windows-Explorer * Shows frequency cut-off, using its built-in Spectrum analyser * Listen to audio-files directly, using its built-in player * Translated manually into English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch (…more to come!

Analyze the bit rate, lower frequency-peak and other parameters that can determine the true quality of your audio-files in one-batch via this tool

Fakin The Funk


Review by Alexandra Sava on February 15, 2017

What’s new in Fakin The Funk

  • 64-Bit Version for MacOS
  • New context menu “copy to folder” (next to “move to folder”)
  • Precalculate frequency spectrums: By using the right-mouse-context menu, you can precalculate the selected spectrums so you can browse them later quickly.
  • When trying to delete a file that was currently played, an error occured. Now the replay will be stopped and the file then deleted immediately


Considering the time and effort music aficionados put into acquiring the best equipment, it does not come as a surprise that they expect the same from the digital audio files they get online. Unfortunately, in some cases they end up with poor quality audio files despite the prices they purchase them with.

Fakin The Funk is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you detect the true quality of your audio files with just one click.

Sports a sleek and stylish interface

The setup is a swift and straightforward process that takes little time and does not require any special attention from your part. Upon launch, the application prompts you to specify the directory where you store your music and it begins to analyze their bitrate and frequency automatically.

The program comes with a fresh, modern and appealing interface that is also well-organized and easy to navigate. While in the left panel, you can preview the folder being analyzed, in the larger right panel you can check out the results for each individual track examined.

Displays the bitrate and duration parameters comparatively

The highlight of the utility stems from the fact that it displays the results of the parameters scanned in a  way that is easy to compare, so you can immediately notice any discrepancies. Consequentially, you can preview the actual and declared bitrate or duration and decide if you want to keep or dispose of the poor quality files.

As a side note, the application provides you with the results only and it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the files that are not up to standard. You can either delete them via the right-click function or open the Windows Explorer to rename or move them to another directory.

A reliable tool for detecting the true quality of your audio files

In the eventuality that you are interested in learning whether you invested in high-quality audio samples or the files you store on your computer are the very best, then perhaps Fakin The Funk could lend you a hand.

Fakin’ The Funk?:

Fakin’ The Funk? is software detection, analysis and quality audio so you can see sound really good or not? And you can see can upgrade the sound thanhtừ MP3 128kbps up to 320kbps. Fakin ‘The Funk? will analyze the bitrate and frequency right. If it find the bitrate wrong, or lower frequency, it will show you the speed bit actual. Depending on whether you want to rename the file then copy or move. Or just delete them. Fakin ‘The Funk? Keep it real.

The features of Fakin’ The Funk?

  • Batch processing automatically
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Free (for 100 file fake was first discovered)
  • Don’t be fooled by the optimizer sounds like notes platinum
  • Besides the files fake, it also detects the file is corrupt and can not be read
  • Support all the audio file formats lossy & lossless downloads
  • Extremely fast processing of using multi threading to increase the speed of analysis
  • Drag & drop support, e.g. Mp3Tag or Explorer
  • Show cut the frequency, use the Spectrum analysis integration of it
  • Listen live to the audio file, using the integrated its
  • Translated manual to English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Swedish & Polish
  • Support 24 bits format & sample on 48 kHz
  • The edit card for the ID card the most common include. features search & replace
  • Detect trim options
  • The button tool can be configured to search for the songs online (Amazon, iTunes, etc.).

Buying music is much easier nowadays since you can just download them directly on your computer or mobile device. However, this makes fraud easier as well. The worst part is that you can’t spot a fake just by listening to the song. Fortunately, Fakin’ The Funk? can tell you if an audio file is a legitimate copy or just a bootleg, by checking its bitrate and comparing it to what it should be. It lets you know if a song is as good as it sounds or if it’s a cheap MP3 file that’s been upscaled from 128kbps to 320kbps.

Downloading and installing Fakin’ The Funk? takes only a few seconds, even on older machines. It works on Windows 7 and all later editions, and it doesn’t ask for any special tools or services. Also, you won’t feel any major impact on your system’s performance once you launch the application.

Fakin’ The Funk? has a Windows Explorer-like layout, so you should feel right at home with it. You can import entire audio folders by dragging and dropping, but if you import them through the browsing option, you will also be able to set up filters, if you want to work only with files in a certain format. Imported audio folders appear in a tree structure, which shows their full path, and their contents can be found in the larger area, on the right side of the interface.

Once you import your audio files, the program will automatically analyze their bitrates and mark them with different icons to point out good, fake, unreadable and corrupted files. It only takes a few seconds to import your music and see if there are any fakes in your selection. If you see a green thumbs-up icon, the file is good, while red thumbs-down icons indicate altered audio tracks. The best part is that Fakin’ The Funk? is capable of detecting this even if the tracks have been optimized with specialized software like Platinum Notes. Additionally, the software can also show you their frequency spectrum, along with some useful observations.

The simple functionality of Fakin’ The Funk? can help you figure out if your songs are actually high-quality or if they’ve been artificially enhanced.

You can verify the true bitrate of your songs. The software is capable of batch processing files. It works fast, and its controls are exceptionally easy to master.

There are no obvious issues to address.

Fakin The Funk

By Ulrich Decker Software Entwicklung

Fakin’ The Funk? a tool that helps you to detect the true quality of your audio-files in one-batch. Mr. Funk will analyze the right bitrate and frequency. If it finds a wrong bitrate or lower frequency-peak, he will show you the actual bitrate.

More about Fakin The Funk

Become a user of Fakin The Funk v1.0, it won’t take too long to download and set up the 4.43 MB installer. Download the free trial version of this program by Ulrich Decker Software Entwicklung, and if you want to access the entire content, purchase the full edition for $9.99. It is classified as belonging to the Multimedia category, more precisely Players. A number of antivirus services checked the file and found it safe to use.

How To Install?

Run the system and open PC properties.
Get the latest Software.
Go to the activation menu too.
After that, download the code and the crack from the link below.
Enter this key to activate.

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