DXScene for Delphi 2010

DXScene for Delphi 2010DXScene is 3D hardware accelerated graphics library speeds the development of all graphical application, providing: a 3D and 2D graphical editor integrated in IDE, 3D shapes and transformation, 2D graphical objects, simplify animation, advanced windows and controls, maximum performance, skinning engine, bitmap effects, 3DS file converter. DXScene can be used as development tools for standard, multimedia, SCADA, GIS, CAD and KIOSK applications.

Full Specifications
Version 4.42 fixes important bug in Direct2D canvas and few minor bugs.
January 13, 2011
Date Added
January 13, 2011
Operating Systems
Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
Additional Requirements
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Editor: DXScene is DirectX based 3D library for Delphi and C++ Builder.
Hardware accelerated 3D graphics
WYSIWYG design-time designer and property editors
Full 3D transformation – rotation, scale, translate
A set of built-in shapes is provided as part of DXScene, containing items such as Cube, Sphere, Cone, Plane
Easy to use time-based animation and transition effects
Mesh object have WPF mesh data format
DXScene have 3DS file export tool
Alpha transparency forms
Built-in support for using PNG images with alpha transparency
Built-in support for using JPG images
CanvasViewport object allow to paint on 3D plane using VCL’s Canvas object

DXScene Features
Power of 3D
Powerful 3D layer containing items such as Cube, Sphere, Cone, Plane, Mesh, free Camera and Lights. Mesh object have WPF mesh data format and 3DS, MD3 file export tool.

2D in 3D
Powerful 2D vector engine like Adobe Flash or Microsoft WPF includes high quality shapes and controls like window, label, button, checkbox, textbox and more. Advanced GUI engine – window, button, textbox, numberbox, memo, anglebox, list Box and much much more. DXScene can be used to Create hardware accelerated 2D applications with cool animation like CoverFlow, layer and more.

Skinning Engine
DXScene have full skinning engine. Now you can apply styles to all controls very easy. DXScene have cool exists styles – Dark, Modern, Vista, AIR.

DXScene have easy to use multilanguage feature. Now your application can change language on fly. Full-unicode support. Easy to use translation editor.

Design-time inplace Editor
WYSIWYG design-time 3D and 2D designer and property editors.

Version 4.20 (19 October 2010)

* Added: ImageFX based effect for ImageFX customer
* Added: ShowSelectedCell property to the grid
* Optimized: Object creation
* Optimized: ListBox scrolling and painting
* Optimized: ImageListBox
* Optimized: Internal repaint
* Optimized: Internal resource loading

How You Can Safely Uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010 – Removal Tutorials

One of the most common problems computer users encounter is that a program can’t be removed. Today let’s see how to correctly uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010 in Windows, and I’ll also list the possible reasons that you can’t complete the removal.


Why You Fail to Uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010

If you are unable to completely uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010, the cause could one or more of the following situation:

  • DXScene for Delphi 2010 was not properly or completely installed previously.
  • Windows OS is unable to locate the default uninstaller of the program.
  • Some of the program files have been deleted mistakenly.
  • Related registry entries of the program are corrupted.
  • Your computer has been infected by virus and the system does not function properly.

To exclude the above causes, you can try to reinstall DXScene for Delphi 2010 by downloading it from the official, or perform a full scan with your antivirus product.

Download Windows Uninstaller

What You Need to Do to Correctly Uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010

In this part I have simplified the description of the necessary steps, and then explain them in detail. Hopefully this is the best way for you to learn the whole cleaning process.

1. Before the removal.

  • Administrative rights.
  • Make sure DXScene for Delphi 2010 is not running.

If you’re using the administrator account or an account that has the administrative rights, then you can jump to the next step. Otherwise you’ll need a permission password when making changes in the system > To ensure the removal goes smoothly, check the System Tray in the bottom-right corner to exit the program.


2. Uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010.

  • Open the Programs and Features.
  • Activate the removal.
  • Confirmation.
  • Possibly you’re requested to restart the computer.

To do this, right-click on the Start button, and select Programs and Features > Double-click DXScene for Delphi 2010 in the list to activate the built-in uninstaller > Confirm the removal > Restart the computer right away or do it later.


3. Search and delete the remaining files.

  • Open the Registry Editor
  • Check for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\(DXScene for Delphi 2010 or the publisher’s name)\ to delete.
  • Check for HKEY_LOCAL+MACHINE\SOFTWARE\(DXScene for Delphi 2010 or the publisher’s name)\ to delete.
  • Search “DXScene for Delphi 2010 (or the publisher’s name)” to check.
  • Restart the computer if you haven’t done it.

Download Windows Uninstaller

To do this, execute “regedit” in the search input field to open the Registry Editor > Navigate to this folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\(DXScene for Delphi 2010 or the publisher’s name)\, and delete it if found > Navigate to this folder: HKEY_LOCAL+MACHINE\SOFTWARE\(DXScene for Delphi 2010 or the publisher’s name)\, and delete it if found > Search “DXScene for Delphi 2010 (or the publisher’s name)” to check if there’s any other leftovers > Restart the computer.


A Simpler Way to Uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010 in Windows

Don’t bother to perform the regular steps? Then this would be your best choice – using Max Uninstaller, which manages all the necessary jobs for you, to safely, completely uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010. It’s like breaking open a way through brambles and thorns, there’s no need to worry about the troubles that may appear in the middle of the removal.

I’ll explain every step for you, so that the next time you want to remove a program by using it, you can do it faster:

1. Install Max Uninstaller.

The installation will finish in one minute. Then run the application, it will automatically scan all the currently installed programs and show you in a list.

Download Windows Uninstaller

2. Select DXScene for Delphi 2010 to remove.

Select DXScene for Delphi 2010 in the list, and click Run Analysis on the right. It will locate all the related files of the target program and displays them in a list with details. Just keep the items checked, and click Complete Uninstall.


3. Delete the remaining files of DXScene for Delphi 2010.

When the last part is done, you will see a green Scan Leftover button, click it to find out all the remaining files that may hide in different folders. Also keep all the items checked, and click Delete Leftovers to Completely uninstall DXScene for Delphi 2010.

When it says “DXScene for Delphi 2010 has been completely removed,” click “Back to Step1” to refresh the programs list. DXScene for Delphi 2010 should no longer be there, and you can try Max Uninstaller on any other program you wish to remove. Are you sold?

Some More Tips

Besides uninstalling needless programs in the system, there are many other ways to optimize your computer’s performance. For instance:


  • Run fewer programs at the startup.
  • Close the programs/web pages/emails that you’re done working with.
  • Don’t use more than one antivirus product.
  • Keep all the hardware drivers up-to-date.
  • Use the “High Performance” Power Plan.
  • Turn off unneeded visual effects.

Download Windows Uninstaller

These should be the easiest to reach and realize. Surely you can get more other maintenance tips on the Internet, and they are all free. I do hope this page has provided the most practical information you’re looking for.

How To Install?

Run the system and open PC properties.
Get the latest Software.
Go to the activation menu too.
After that, download the code and the crack from the link below.
Enter this key to activate.

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