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Comic Reader

As a kid, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the comic section of the Sunday paper. These days, we get our comic fix by perusing comics on the Web. Comic Reader supposedly offers a one-stop shop for keeping up with all of your favorite comic strips, and while it did offer an impressive list to choose from, it failed to launch any of the comics we selected.

The program’s user interface is pretty bland. A gray box appears with buttons for each comic, which are alphabetized. Using the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of the window, you can move back and forth between pages of comic options. The program offers a wide selection of comics to choose from, including such classics as “Annie,” “Blondie,” and “Archie.” And you’ll also find “Phantom,” “Monkeyhouse,” and lots more. We made a selection for the comic that we wanted to view by clicking on its button and then clicking OK. Our browser then opened saying, “File not found.” We consulted the Readme file, which said to “Run ComicSetup,” which we did. Then to “Choose any comics you want to read.” Did that, too. Then, “Click OK. Then run Comics.” Yep. We went through that process several times and to no avail. We couldn’t get any of the comics to launch. After all that trouble, we’d rather just stick to viewing our comics on the Web, or the old-fashioned way: in the Sunday paper.

Comic Reader installs desktop icons without permission, but it uninstalls cleanly. We do not recommend this program.

Full Specifications


Comic Reader allows you to select from a wide range of web comics using a very simple GUI. Then just run the Comic Reader any day to read the online comics. It creates a web page with your selected comics in it. The source is on the web site, it’s all free with no license.

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