Cloud System Booster

Cloud System Booster

Cloud System Booster

Editors’ Review

Cloud System Booster keeps your system running smoothly by removing junk files, optimizing system settings, and repairing all types of errors. With this comprehensive program, you can keep all unwanted files and broken items off your hard drive, so you can be sure you’re always getting the most from your machine.


Speedy: This program works quickly no matter which type of scan you pick. Repairs are accomplished quickly too, and you can always see the status of all operations clearly as the program is working. And if you’re really in a hurry, you can choose the Quick Scan option, which goes through all available types of scans as fast as possible.

Nice interface: This app’s main interface is clean and streamlined, with one large button for the Quick Scan on the right-hand side and four smaller buttons for specific types of scans on the left. These specific scans include PC Repair, Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, and Optimizer. You can also access Settings and other advanced features from the bottom of the interface, but if you’re a new user or not interested in these types of features, you won’t be tripping over them trying to use the app, either.


Numerous ads: As you’re using the program, ads for the developer’s other products pop up periodically in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. These could be mistaken for notifications pretty easily, making inexperienced users especially think they should click them. The Toolbox tab on the main interface also just takes you to a page where you can download other apps the company puts out while making them look like part of the program you’re already using.


Cloud System Booster is a quality program with a lot of options and functionality available in the free version. If you want to access more advanced features like the Slim Toolbar and a GB File reader, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $19.98. Overall, this app is accessible and useful for beginning and advanced users, alike.


Improve and adjust the entry point of the main interface function module, Add a huge amount of data,Optimize the program according to feedback, Add Mini Booster enables users to pptimize process and service, monitor network and intercept malicious activities,take screenshot and change the Interface.

Developer’s Description

Cloud System Booster is a small and high efficient utility based on cloud technology which can run on most versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System. Cloud System Booster consists of four main function module including Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Optimizer and PC Boost to maximize your PC performance by cleaning junk files, disabling unneeded services, clearing 3rd party applications, and repairing registry errors. Mini Booster-Anvi Boost Panel: help computer users quickly boost their PC performance. Registry Cleaner: removes outdated, invalid or unuseful information within registry to prevent a bloatedregistry that may cause serious system issues like BSOD. Disk Cleaner: cleans up junk files, invalid shortcuts, temp files, cache generated by both Windows and web browsers to free up disk space; erases online traces and privacy to protect privacy. Optimizer: optimizes system services, startup settings and network settings to make a faster PC. PC Boost: Boost PC in game or office mode. Context Menu Manager: you can enable or disable context menu on your computer. Folder Migration: migrate your folders from system volume to other volume to free up disk space of system volume. GB File: helps you find and remove any potentially unwanted large file installed on local disks to efficiently speed up PC. Slim Toolbar: assists in managing and removing any unwanted or malicious browser add-ons in IE, Firefox and Chrome to refresh your web browsing. Toolbox: four practical and free tools have been integrated to help you optimize and repair your PC. User Center: you can sign in with Cloud System Booster to get your personalized settings synchronously updated for better usage. News Center: check news about Anvisoft. Online Store: shop online fro Anvisoft software. Settings and Registered: set your software and check your register information

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