Clean Master for PC 6.0 Free download with license key

Clean Master for PC 6.0 Free download with license key

Clean Master for PC

Key Details of Clean Master for PC

  • Clean junk from your PC, optimize the system performance
  • Last updated on 07/24/20
  • There has been 1 update within the past 6 months
  • The current version has 0 flags on VirusTotal

Editors’ Review

Clean Master for PC cleans and optimizes your PC by purging temporary files, invalid and obsolete Registry entries, and other “junk” from your Windows PC. You can clean everything with one click or just those categories you want to clean, like your Web cache or Social software junk. An attractive and up-to-date user interface borrows functional and stylistic touches from Clean Master and other mobile apps and includes useful extras like a drive display on the bottom border. Clean Master for PC targets more than 500 popular apps for cleaning.


Icons: Vertically scrolling categories displayed our caches, Registry, and all our cleanable software in easy to understand icons with color-coded data totals (green for OK).

Categories: Useful categories like Online games junk and Social software junk let you quickly clean what needs cleaning without running the whole tool. Each category’s entries can be cleaned individually, too.

Reminders: Clean Master for PC can issue Reminders when junk files accumulate past thresholds you can configure in the Notify settings.

Clean Master for PC 6.0 Free download with license key


Busy visuals: The downside of all the categories and icons Clean Master for PC displays is the visual clutter, especially in categories with many entries.


We’ve tried many freeware Windows cleaners and optimizers. Clean Master for PC brings a fresh app-style layout and functionality to the crowded field. Used regularly with appropriate care, it can help you keep your PC clean and trim.


Version 6.4 enhanced clean function, boost & fix driver, data recovery, shred file completely.

Developer’s Description

Average clean of 2GB per user. Over 500 commonly used software covered. Get your PC running games&videos smoothly. Solved 90% of users’ lagging problems. Changing colors show your device getting cleaner. Simple icons help you clean efficiently. 1 Tap Boost keeps your computer running fast.Do you have too many garbage files and not enough disk space? Then you may download Clean Master for PC, a powerful cleaning solution that will help you eliminate trash files, uninstall unused apps, and safeguard your privacy by removing spyware.

Too many files that you don’t utilize on your computer can be detrimental to its health. This can have a long-term impact on the performance and functionality of your computer. However, if your files are not adequately optimized, you will lose important hard drive space.

If this is the situation with your computer, you can use a program such as Clean Master to delete any unnecessary and undesirable files.

It includes both garbage files and programs you do not utilize. It will also help you delete remnants of uninstalled apps and ensure that no programs are snooping on you.Remove Junk Files.
The program has a diverse range of capabilities that are enhanced by its user-friendly design. It includes numerous useful functions that are neatly grouped inside the interface, and the most of them can be accessed from the main window.

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