CanoScan Toolbox

CanoScan Toolbox

CanoScan Toolbox

CanoScan Toolbox is a one-stop shop for all of your printing needs. Though it mostly works without a hitch, the lack of a workable Help feature could leave many users in the dark about some of its functions.

The user interface is about as basic and straightforward as it gets, with prominent buttons for functions like Copy, Print, Mail, and more positioned side-by-side in a small window. Each button is labeled, so there’s no question about its purpose. Clicking a button opens a dialog box that walks you through each step. For example, drop-down boxes in the Copy dialog simplify selecting the source, scan mode, image quality, scale, and brightness as well as paper size and quantity. The program’s other features work in much the same fashion, enabling quick configuration of each setting from a single dialog box. The Settings menu offers selections and button settings for a scanner as well as the capability to browse for items and choose where to save temporary files. We were left a little puzzled by three small buttons along the top of the interface. We tried to access the Help menu for clarification, but clicking on it returned nothing. Hovering the mouse over each button gave brief descriptions, but their functions remained a mystery. Still, we like the convenience of being able to configure and print our documents from one location.

CanoScan Toolbox is free to use. Despite the lack of a viable Help file, we recommend this program for all user levels.


Using CanoScan Toolbox you can scan, copy, fax, or open any application from on-screen buttons. CanoScan Toolbox is a software utility which will help make using your scanner easier. The CanoScan Toolbox application makes the buttons on the front panel works now too.

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