Popular application packaging product. Package large and complex software packages into a single standalone executable that you can take with you and run from anywhere: USB, Dropbox, LAN and more. Cameyo uses cutting-edge technology allowing you to package your software into single executables that can run directly on any machine without having to install them and without requiring administrator privileges.
Full Specifications


– Bugfix: -Repackage commnd line was broken (was adding to the package non-extracted files as empty, marked with DELETED).
– New command line: -ExportAllProperties
– New command line: -AddSandbox
– Support for wildcard recursive isolation rules, such as: “UNC\SERVER\SHARE\*.PDB”
– Bugfix: expiration after X days did not work well for time zones before than UTC.
– Bugfix: no longer sandboxing empty drive letters (i.e. “T_”) for non-existing drives.
– Bugfix: shortcuts integration pointed icons to BaseDirName\Icons\.. instead of BaseDirName\PROG\Icons\.. thus resulting in all icons being the same pkg EXE icon.
– Bugfix: packager snapshot crash on some non-standard executables (Perfect Effects 8.exe).
– Bugfix: Active Directory offline days allowance was causing Active Directory changes to be ignored (cached).
– Bugfix: Citrix mapped drives are now seen as network drives, hence applying sandboxing rules for UNC drives on them.

How To Install?

Run the system and open PC properties.
Get the latest Software.
Go to the activation menu too.
After that, download the code and the crack from the link below.
Enter this key to activate.

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