BitMeter 3.0 Free Download For Windows

BitMeter 3.0 Free Download For Windows

BitMeter 3.0 Free Download For Windows

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BitMeter 3.0 Free Download For With Serial Key. It’s not going to win any design awards, but BitMeter 2, a program for monitoring your PC’s bandwidth usage, offers a nice set of features. BitMeter 2’s floating graph with simple text displays for real-time downloads and uploads is easy to follow. You can customize the display’s color and transparency.

Considering its size, BitMeter 2 provides an impressive amount of options and information. You can view summaries of network activity with hourly, daily, and monthly breakdowns, or receive audio notifications that can be set by transfer size and direction. The built-in calculator is useful for computing the speed and size of download and upload activities. You can create automatic or manual backups of the program to easily restore history and settings, and there’s an ISP Restrictions configuration panel that can configured with a minimum of hassle.This freebie is easy enough for any user looking for a simple and effective tool for monitoring network activity.

This robust application allows evaluating bandwidth utilization a simple and accurate process. It monitors bandwidth utilization and alerts you when pre-established limitations are likely to be reached. As a result, if your Internet provider imposes bandwidth limits, you will be notified when your existing traffic quota has been surpassed, allowing you to avoid incurring further fees.

BitMeter is fairly unobtrusive and will not interfere with your regular computer operations. Most of the time, it will simply display a scrolling graph of your connection’s upload and download speeds in real time. This application is simple to use because its interface is plain and clean, allowing even beginners to use it.

BitMeter 3.0 Free Download For Windows

BitMeter 3.0 is an outstanding free bandwidth meter for Windows-powered machines. You may monitor the amount of data consumed in a specific time frame by right-clicking on the program icon. When you activate the application, a live widget will appear on your desktop to monitor your data usage. One of the program’s best features is its user-friendliness. Even if you don’t understand computer technology, you can use the program without any problems.

BitMeter 3.0 Free Download With Product Key

Once you download and install bitmeter ii on your Windows based computer, you are provided with a useful application which will help you monitor how much internet usage is going on in your system. With the internet usage meter, you can easily view and graph all information from your PC. The system tray also comes with an upload speed tool which allows the user to easily view upload speeds from their PC. If there are any unknown servers or FTP locations on your system, you will get details about them with a click of a button.

BitMeter 3.0 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your Internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time. Features include: graphical and numerical displays of historical data, Web interface, alerts, stopwatch, calculator, transparent/float/click-through modes, 36-page help file, audio notifications, configurable color-schemes and many other options.

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