Adolix Split and Merge PDF

Adolix Split and Merge PDF

Adolix Split and Merge PDF

Adolix Split and Merge PDF is a handy utility for anyone who needs to manipulate PDF files but does not have access to the full Adobe Acrobat software.

As its name states, the application provides only two functions: splitting and merging. For splitting, Adolix offers pattern-based choices as well as the ability to identify specific pages akin to the Print function in Microsoft Word. When merging files, you can adjust the order in which the files will be appended to one another. The application also lets you enter passwords for encrypted PDFs, choose the target directory, and set a naming convention for tile. Advanced users will appreciate the ability to pass command-line arguments to the tool. The interface, while easy to understand, does have its own issues. For example, a multiline Add Files list implies that you can add multiple PDFs to split, set options for each, then run the actions in one batch, but this is not possible. You cannot access the sparse Help file through the program’s interface; instead, you must navigate to its position with the program’s Start Menu folder.

Though Adolix says this software is free of limitations, this is actually not true. Per its own Web site, you cannot merge more than five documents at a time or split a PDF of more than 50 pages. Except for those boundaries, this is an excellent little utility suitable for users of any level.

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Adolix Split and Merge PDF is a free product that helps you manage your PDF documents. You can merge PDF files and split PDF documents into multiple files following a custom pattern similar to Word printing. Using our freeware you can combine encrypted PDF files with just a few mouse clicks and mix two PDF files in seconds.

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