Abstract Zune

Abstract Zune


Abstract ZuneYou may not recognize the chunky black and orange Firefox theme as a relation of Microsoft’s musical Zune, but the media player served as inspiration for this sharp, nicely designed Firefox theme nonetheless. The free browser add-on looks especially striking when paired with Microsoft’s own Zune theme for Windows XP. Note that Abstract Zune’s publisher, Bodizzle, recommends the free get-up for those who stick to the shallow end of the add-ons pool. While we didn’t experience performance clashes, some add-ons, like ColorfulTabs, are incompatible.

Abstract Zune redone for Firefox 3. Glassy orange buttons in the style of Abstract to match the Windows Zune theme. This theme is my basic version, meaning it contains the full features of the navigator toolbar, bookmarks toolbar and tabs while the rest of the theme uses features from the default Windows theme. This is a lite version of the theme for users who need nothing more than just the main toolbar and do not use a lot of extensions and other add-ons.

Version 3.0.1 changes names from Firefox Zune to Abstract Zune and supports Firefox 3.

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